Youth Trail Running Development Program

MSIG is committed to nurturing trail running talent in Hong Kong and this Series is open to all participants aged 16-29 yrs. The first two events of the MSIG Trail Running Series are qualifiers for the MSIG Youth Trail Running Development Program. The top 8 eligible athletes of this Series qualify to participate in a 12-month training plan extending from April 2019 – March 2020.

This program includes physiotherapy sessions, dietary consultation, weekly training plans, sponsored training gear, and access to GreenRace and Fields Japan trail events. Throughout the program, weekly progress will be monitored with intermittent monthly follow-up sessions. 

As part of the MSIG Youth Development Program, these 4 athletes will have the opportunity to gain international running experience at selected trail races in Japan organised by TGR & Fields Co. Top 2 athletes will be sponsored by MSIG to compete at one of the 5 UTMB European trail races in 2020.

Youth Program Overview

Youth Series
Youth 1
Youth 2
16-24 years old
Born in Hong Kong
25-29 years old
Born in Hong Kong
15K Braemar (Jan)
18K Ultra (Mar)
19K Immortals (Sep)
27K Summits (Nov)
15K Braemar (Jan)
18K Ultra (Mar)
34K Immortals (Sep)
50K Summits (Nov)
Entry Fee
15K Braemar $600 HKD
18K Ultra $600 HKD
19K Immortals $700 HKD
27K Summits $900 HKD
15K Braemar $600 HKD
18K Ultra $600 HKD
34K Immortals $800 HKD
50K Summits $1000 HKD
How It Works
– Braemar and Ultra are qualifying events.
– Each runner receive an aggregate score.
– Top 4 Y1 runners (2 male, 2 female) compete in the Youth 1 Series at Immortals & Summits
– Braemar and Ultra are qualifying events.
– Each runner receive an aggregate score.
– Top 4 Y2 runners (2 male, 2 female) compete in the Youth 2 Series at Immortals & Summits
More Details

* Transportation for all events included in the reg fee.
** Optional extra race pack items such as Uglow t-shirt or T8 shorts are already included in posted price. Registrants have the option to remove these items and reduce the registration fee.*** MSIG Summits 2019 Uglow Jacket is included for all distance categories.

Run 3 Races & Save

Save $300 HKD when you run the next 3 races.

Eligible for runners of our MSIG Trail Running Series long, short and youth categories. Our 3-Race Series special includes: free bib transfers or race deferrals, GreenRace Speed Cup, Race Belt and MSIG Dry Bag. Race dates are 30 March, 21 Sept, 3 Nov.

MSIG Youth Athletes’ Journey

Race Braemar
Qualifier 1 – Y1 (16-24)
Mar 30
Final 8 Selected
Final 8 Selected – All Races & Training sponsored by MSIG.
Sept 21
Race Summits
op 4 Ranked @Summits HK > Race Fields Japan 2019.
Spring 2020
Jan 19
Race Ultra
Qualifier 2 -Y2 (25-29)
Apr 2019
Race Immortals
Sponsored Training > Race Gear > HK Races > Series Ranking
Nov 3
Top 2 ranked to compete at one of 5 UTMB 2020

The MSIG Youth Team Athletes will gain support from the following partners:


Sponsoring our 4 event series, and supporting travel costs, accommodations to Europe 2020

Joint Dynamics

Weekly Physio/Exercise Physiology and strength training

D.BeFit – Katia Kucher

Weekly tailored nutrition plans. Programs include initial assessments and reassessments every 4-6 weeks.

Gone Running

Sponsored Trail Running Gear