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Through opt-outs of unwanted racepack items and/or finisher medals MSIG Trail Running Series participants donated funds to WWF in Hong Kong. These funds support WWF initiatives including Mai Po Nature Reserve and tackling Marine litter, coastal clean-ups.
HK$ 0
Trail @ Braemar HIll Total Contribution

Event Date: 19 Jan 2019
Charity: WWF HK
Payment Date: 25 March 2019

HK$ 0
Ultra @ Tai Po Total Contribution

Event Date: 30-31 Mar 2019
Charity: WWF HK
Payment Date: 08 May 2019


MSIG Youth Trail Running Development Program: We are committed to nurturing trail running talent aged 16-29 yrs
Opt-out of unwanted racepack items; donation to WWF (Approximately 30–35% ‘opt-out’ of racepack extras)



#BringYourOwnBag for racepack collection & there are no disposable cups/utensils on race day
Runners bring their own race belts on race day to fasten bibs to their t-shirts instead of using safety pins
Good quality racepack items loved by runners and seen on trails regularly being used during training runs and races
Trail cleanup in association with EcoMarine on race day at MSIG Immortals @ Pat Sin Leng on 21 Sep 2019
Donation of surplus fruits post-event to local charities like ImpactHK who help the homeless in Hong Kong


Sustainably Sourced Awards & Dual use awards (coaster medal, cheese board trophy, etc)
We do not use disposable course markings on race day, instead we reuse them for future races



Waste reduction and post-event separation and responsible disposal is a top priority for us


Dolly Sales, a familiar face in the trail running community, has been sponsored to compete in MSIG Trail Running Series
MSIG running gear donations for all Year 2 Exchange & Empower intern athletes in Nepal

Partner Charities